Club presentation Saturday approximately 11:00 or 11:30 am:
In order to proudly present all clubs, we hold a club presentation on Saturday morning on the track. Only the skaters must participate in this. Before that, the clubs will have to line up at their club’s sign.

Entry order:
Clubs enter the track as a club after announcement. The order is in alphabetical order by country and by club. The riders do this on rollerblades and with helmets on. Please the youngest and smallest riders in the lead with the club nameplate proudly in hand.
The clubs can also use this moment to present themselves and take a nice group photo. Furthermore, all clubs can bring banners and/or flags to show their unity.
The home club, Radboud-Inline-skating, and then the jury are the last to enter the track.

Alderman for sports of the Municipality of Medemblik and Kay and Rick Schipper will speak to all those present

After the race it is time for the older categories with the one-lap finals as the next competition. The youth is asked to leave the track immediately. (Maybe the younger one can skate, but this is under construction. Will be announced)